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What is it about the third century?

There must be something about the number 300 that is subconsciously attractive.  There\’s a graphic novel and film of that name (and the event they relate stands as an example too; three hundred guys is a lot for a stroll, but it\’s a strange number for a military unit); there\’s a couple of automobiles that …

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Maker: Sheaffer. When the Javelin was withdrawn from service, its place was taken by two pens.  The one I\’m not examining here, the 100, was slightly smaller and less expensive, and could be said to have been the replacement as the entry level fountain pen.  The 300 is more in line with the size of the Javelin, …

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Organics Studio

Appearing in 2012, Organics Studio is a small operation, in a similar vein to that of Noodler\’s.  In fact, as of October 2012, their Facebook page describes them as still in the research phase, and their ink is somewhat limited in availability.  This is a shame, because what I\’ve seen of it is extremely nice; …

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Ever Too Thin

Today\’s new page is for one of the victims of the 1980\’s delight in excessive thinness, Sheaffer\’s TRZ.  There\’s also a new picture on the Waterman C/F page, for those who have been curious to see what the lowest end sub-model of that pen looks like.

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Maker: Sheaffer. The Fashion was Sheaffer’s last kick at the can of painfully thin fountain pens.  It is in essence a slightly reworked TRZ, a pen Sheaffer developed initially as a ball-point and which appeared as a fountain pen only after Sheaffer had worked out a much narrower cartridge than it had previously relied upon. As …

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