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A Rainbow, and a Large Damp Bird

Thanks in part to the recent bonanza of inks and also to a few minutes of spare time, I have arranged some pages on which ink colours may be compared without flipping from one manufacture\’s page to another.  Rather more exciting news is the addition of a page for the Pelikan Souverän line of pens. …

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Maker: Pelikan. This line is essentially a reviving and expansion of the 400, which had been dropped from Pelikan\’s production in 1965, and which had briefly resurfaced in the 1970s as an outsourced model.  In its profile, it is very much a throwback to the original 400 with rather flat ends, a decision which is not entirely …

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Private Reserve

This company appears to be one of the first of the ink for ink\’s sake, and nothing but ink makers of the current renaissance; I believe from passing mentions (but without a foundation of hard data) that they predate Noodler\’s by some years.  The comparison to Noodler\’s also runs to the use of relatively large …

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Red ink, terror of the accountant and student alike!  With some moderation, red is a colour that not only can be used to write with, but actually lends itself to some sorts of writing (and not just mash-notes and Hallowe\’en invitations).

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Like yellow, orange is not a colour I generally associate with writing.  I have, however, some correspondents who apply it fearlessly, and without loss of legibility.  Orange is also, as a secondary colour, a bit of a conundrum; where does it officially pick up from yellow, and where is the hand-off to red? Clicking the …

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Yellow is a rather tricky colour in a pen.  I\’m sure I\’m not alone in thinking first about highlighters when the \”yellow\” and \”pen\” come in the same breath.  Yet not only are there various yellows, many are meant to be used for regular, although generally rather festive, writing. Clicking on the sample will take …

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Purples (and Pinks)

Purple can be a difficult colour for a conservative person to approach.  I had some trouble bringing myself around to it, but despite rumours of it being regularly applied by lawyers in France, I overcame my block and now recommend it.  There are, surprisingly, subtle purples to be found, for those who fear stridency in their writing. …

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There is, apparently, an association in the UK between green ink and rambling letters to the editor about fluoridation, Reticulan hybrid babies and surplus Soviet mind-control laser satellites.  With some greens, this is a perfectly understandable association, even if the UK also sees a link between green ink and the head of MI5… well, actually, …

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Blue is, with black, the main default colour of ink; most people will quickly free-associate \”ink\” and \”blue\”.  Unlike black, there\’s rather more variation available than \”really quite\” and \”not so very\”, so this is a very big category.  I have seen that some etiquette manuals of bygone days equate blue ink with immaturity, since …

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These are kept separate from blues in part by mental habit and in part by a difference in history.  The traditional blue-black is a reactive ink; blue dye included so you can see what you\’re writing, black as it bonds with the cellulose in the paper (or in the cotton of your shirt; it\’s not …

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