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Maker: TWSBI. The Classic is, in rough terms, the mechanism from a Diamond mounted in a rather more conservative body; this seems a sensible thing to do, because the very strong house style of TWSBI does not necessarily appeal to everyone who might like an inexpensive piston-filling pen. The body style of the Classic is, …

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Return of the Return of the Clinic

Free Pen Tuning Clinic! Saturday, 21 October 2017, 12:00pm to 2:00pm! See the walls of Paper Umbrella run from floor to ceiling AND lengthwise! Life and death struggle!  Man against minor imperfections of tine alignment! …yes, I may be overselling it a little.  But it is happening.

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Custom Heritage 92

Maker: Pilot. Like the Custom 74, the Custom Heritage 92 derives its name from the year of initial production, with the founding of Pilot as the starting point.  For those of us using the more-or-less Gregorian calendar, this works out to 2010, and this sets up an interesting comparison, because that was also the year …

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