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Stealth and obscurity

Two new pen profiles are posted: – The Sailor Professional Gear, of which the example I examined was in an all-black \”stealth\” mode; – Something claimed to be a Pilot L-150MS. No, I\’ve never heard of it before, either.

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Maker: Pilot. I have almost no supporting data for this pen, to the point that I\’m not actually certain about the model number.  It\’s probably right.  The pen itself is not very remarkable in styling, being very similar to models offered by other makers in various other countries at about the same time.  The one thing that …

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Professional Gear

Maker: Sailor. The initial effort to produce a profile for this pen was daunting, as it is almost as diverse a pen as the Sheaffer Targa.  Almost, in that there are two different sizes and several different trims; the name is also occasionally seen creeping into the names of other models entirely, which does not help. Generally …

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