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Me, Selling Things

I keep this page somewhat more up-to-date at my blog (because sometimes I let Forgetful and Lazy browbeat me), but usually what\’s here and there will agree. I have an Etsy storefront for pens I\’ve put in functional shape, where you can find what I hope are decently-priced fountain pens ready for use, but at the moment I …

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Like most pen-makers, Platinum has also taken to ink production.  They are, in fact, extremely diverse in their ink production, as in addition to the usual dye-based fountain pen inks, they have \”ultrafine particle pigment inks\” and \”carbon ink\”, both of which call for attention to pen hygiene in a higher degree than usual, and …

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Fresh Mountain Air

Events have finally put a Montblanc pen in my hands, which allows me to write up a page of a very tiny Meisterstück, as well as a general history for the company which has the distinction of having more umlauts than any other page I\’ve yet written. Those with lots of spare time can join me in …

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114P \”Mozart\”

Maker: Montblanc. While part of the Meisterstück family, this pen is a little different from its fellows.  The primary observable difference is that it is extremely small, something Meisterstücks are not noted for.  Less instantly noticeable is the fact that it lacks a filling mechanism; this feature is signaled by the P in the model number, …

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This company was founded in 1906 by an interestingly diverse group, which can almost be the foundation for a silly joke: a banker, a stationer, and an engineer walk into a bar….  Whether the venue was a bar, salon or office, these three professions in the respective persons of Alfred Nehemias, Claus-Johannes Voss, and August Eberstein got together …

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