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It\’s getting damp in here.

That\’s nothing to do with the proverbial April showers, but rather an increase of the Waterman content here.   There is a page for the Charleston and the L\’Etalon, both of modern production.  This has also seen an updating of the family album.  There have also been some updates to the main Waterman page and a few …

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Maker: Waterman. Introduced a year after the sleekly futuristic Edson, the L\’Étalon (which is Stallion in French, and yes, I have applied a definite article in two languages to it) appears to have been offered as something for the upper end pen buyer who still wanted something with square ends.  It is not substantially different internally …

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Maker: Platinum. This is something of a poster-child pen for Platinum.  It\’s not necessarily the top of their line, but rather the central pillar; there are a lot of variations on it, and the company promotes it as having been created at the end of an exhaustive conscious distillation of all that was right about fountain pens …

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Custom 74

Maker: Pilot. The Custom 74 gets part of its name from the year it was first offered– Pilot\’s seventy-fourth year in business.  The design itself is not particularly evocative of pens made in 1918, but it is certainly a very conservative pen design.  It is, in fact, not a pen meant to drive users into a …

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Maker: Waterman. The Charleston was one of the first designs offered by Waterman after its acquisition by Newell Rubbermaid, and depending on one\’s level of cynicism, it is either a reassurance that the new owners are attending to the company\’s history or a trick to make people believe just that.  Its lines are based on …

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