June 2012 archive

Holiday Snaps

A few new pictures have arisen during my summer holiday: Dissections, lesser and greater, of TWSBI’s Diamond and Vac 700; Some directions on the use of the slightly mysterious Write-On System in the Rotring Core; Yet another portrait of a Vacumatic Major, showing the golden pearl option. Not much news, but I am, after all, …

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Now open: Consumer Info Line

In the Portrait Galleries, you will now find some items under the heading of “Consumer information Department”.  The initial entries are suggestions for a first-ever fountain pen, and for pens suitable to start the kids on.  They’re similar in notion, but rather different in thrust, as the former is aimed at an adult taking an …

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Art and Crafts

A new page is added now for the Rotring ArtPen (yes, that’s how it’s spelled).  There are also amendments to the Services menu; the lesser is a bit of a clarification on the subject of repairs to Parker “51”s, which are definitely something I do, but it is the greater is an addition of an …

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Not to be confused with a Vanishing Point

Another new page, for the Parker VP— a pen that comes as close as just about any of my collection to earning the title “rare”.  When visiting pen-fancier fora, one frequently sees these letters as a short-hand for the modern Pilot product, but Parker was in first. In other news: the back-filling of measurements continues …

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A Look into the Future

I don’t claim to be a prognosticator of any real power, but I do have a couple of glimpses into the future.  One of them is capitalized, as I have a page ready for the Pelikan Future, but the other is slightly more general.  I’ve had a look at the measurements in the pen profiles, …

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