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Old Masters, Awards, and Little Folks

A bumper crop of new pages!  From familiar makers, we have the somewhat unfamiliar Waterman Master and the nearly anonymous Sheaffer Award. Two makers not previously heard from are now represented, too, by some rather wee instruments.  From Stipula, I now have the sub-decimeter Passaporto, and from Kaweco (a company with a strangely convoluted history), there …

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Maker: Stipula. One of Stipula\’s most affordable models, the Passaporto is also a very tiny object that might be mistaken for lipstick or mascara.  The likelihood of error increases when the pen is found in one of the places suggested for its transportation; a purse.  Many clipless pens are suggested as aimed at the female …

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The company which would become Stipula was founded in Florence by Renzo Salvadore.  It began pen production in 1982, nine years after it was initially established as a producer of ornamental fittings for leatherwork.  It would be another nine years, though, before Stipula was actually making pens in its own name, as prior to 1991 …

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Maker: Kaweco. The Sport is model with a very long history, although it is also a very choppy one.  The first appearance of name in was in 1911 as an extra-short safety meant for use by sports officials, which one assumes to mean soccer refs.  This was a hard rubber pen, as was standard at …

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Kaweco entered production in 1883, although not yet under that name.  They first existed as Heidelberger Federhalterfabrik, and engaged in the manufacture of dip pens and holders.  Fountain pen production began in 1892, importing points and producing the usual hard rubber eyedropper pens of the time. The name came about with the purchase of Heidelberger Federhalterfabrik …

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Maker: Sheaffer. The Award was a bottom-end pen introduced by Sheaffer in what appears to be an effort to fill a space at the bottom of their catalogue which had previously been filled by non-calligraphy versions of the NoNonsense.  It may also have been something of a test-bed for the squishy section technology which would …

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Maker: Waterman. As with so many of my entries for this maker, much of what I have to say about his pen is tentative, speculative, or both, for want of hard data in a language I read.  I certainly welcome any informed additions to what follows. In my previously-written entry for the Super Master, I wrote …

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