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Things for the desk, some hope, and The Mountain

New since last I updated the news: Imperial desk pens, which is fairly self-explanatory. The Espero, about which I make up stories somewhat more than I report facts. The Pelikan Level, about which I say rather unflattering things. The Montblanc Meisterstück 149, which the maker has laboured long years to render \”iconic\”.

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149 Meisterstück

Maker: Montblanc. \”Meisterstück\” was first applied to Montblanc\’s pens in 1924, and has since been applied to their flagship models– the 1 in the first position of the model number meant, when the numbers really had meaning, top of the line models. The 149 did not appear until 1952, four years after the other 14X models. …

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