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Water World

The ranks of my Waterman pages have been swollen with a full four new pages!  Moving chronologically, there’s the Hundred Year Pen (although not, I’m afraid, with pictures of the popular early form of it), the vexing Dauntless, which I reiterate is not a Stalwart, the new-for-1950 Leader set for kids on their way back …

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Return of the Super Master

Does that not sound like a late ’70’s kung fu film?  I have just finished putting together a page for a pen I’ve owned for years, but have only just sorted out the model-name of, the Waterman Super Master.  I have also just replaced a long-broken section in that pen, so the return is from …

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Gala Gallery Opening

This is not so much an addition to as an expansion of the site; the header now offers Portrait Galleries, where I have moved the chronological mug-books which once sat in the History Department.  There are also some other galleries there, including a shameless example of sub-arctic patriotism, and others will follow as I finish …

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Belated Happy Anniversary

I’m about 49 years late for the party, but as I’ve only just gotten a Parker 75 (and written up a page for it) I want to wish the 1963 version of the Parker Pen Company a happy seventy-fifth!  As the Parker 75 was the company’s gift to itself, I think they made out OK without …

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Aurora Borne Upon Us

I’ve put together a slightly disappointing maker’s page for Aurora (a word I have remarkable difficulty typing), and a rather better one for that company’s 88.  I’ve also added the “Old Timer” sub-model to my coverage of Sheaffer’s protean No Nonsense, and posted sale notices for my Élysée, one of my Skylines, and the Conklin …

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What’s in YOUR quiver?

I’ve run up a little page of whimsy; a gallery of the various arrow-shaped clips used by Parker over the years.  It’s not much, but it’s new, so it’s news.

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