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Water World

The ranks of my Waterman pages have been swollen with a full four new pages!  Moving chronologically, there\’s the Hundred Year Pen (although not, I\’m afraid, with pictures of the popular early form of it), the vexing Dauntless, which I reiterate is not a Stalwart, the new-for-1950 Leader set for kids on their way back …

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Hundred Year

Maker: Waterman. While Parker was busily developing a pen to mark a milestone anniversary (possibly, sort of) in 1939, Waterman was looking to the future.  At the end of that year, and coincidentally just in time for Christmas, they introduced the Hundred Year Pen.  With a body made of the recently-developed synthetic material Lucite, a huge …

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Maker: Waterman. Right at the end of the US company\’s days, the Leader was apparently named in an effort to make the owner feel good about their purchase.  While grandly named, it was in fact a rather low-end product aimed at as broad a popular market as possible.  The advertising made it entirely clear that …

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Dauntless 302

Maker: Waterman. The Dauntless is a slightly down-graded version of the Stalwart.  It shares with its gold-trimmed brother the difficulties inherent to differences in production between US and Canadian/UK factories.  I go into that matter a little more fully in the Stalwart\’s page, and I urge a glance at that information.  The Dauntless is perhaps the trouble-maker in this …

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Maker: Waterman. The Lauréat was one of Waterman\’s nearly-fine pens of the 1990s; not one which lay on the bottom of the heap, but which was not out of reach of the average buyer.  Like the Super Master, it is less notable for its superb writing abilities than for its power to resist damage.  It …

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Strange Mutations

As with any numerous order in nature, the kingdom of pens contains a share of freaks and oddities.  Sometimes, the mutation is useful and even attractive, as in the X-Men, while in others it is a mere deviation from normality, like a vestigial tail. The Thing with Two Heads!  Ouroborous?  Hermaphrodite?  Co-joined siblings?  Who can …

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Return of the Super Master

Does that not sound like a late \’70\’s kung fu film?  I have just finished putting together a page for a pen I\’ve owned for years, but have only just sorted out the model-name of, the Waterman Super Master.  I have also just replaced a long-broken section in that pen, so the return is from …

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Super Master

Maker: Waterman. The discovery of the name of this little-catalogued model is a point of foolish pride for me.  I had found it only in one other source, with the label \”Cotele (?)\” on it, with subsequent additional statements indicating that the identification was rather tentative.  In looking at possible French words all I can find is …

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Gala Gallery Opening

This is not so much an addition to as an expansion of the site; the header now offers Portrait Galleries, where I have moved the chronological mug-books which once sat in the History Department.  There are also some other galleries there, including a shameless example of sub-arctic patriotism, and others will follow as I finish …

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Pens of Steel

I am not putting steel-pointed pens on display here, but rather pens with stainless steel bodies… or ones that look close enough to pass.  There is a tendency to call this sort of pen a \”Flighter\”, after the first of the breed, a Parker \”51\” developed to please the eye and aeronautical tastes of Kenneth …

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