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Very Fiddly Mechanism?

Not at all!  There\’s nothing inside the Sheaffer VFM, which I now have an example of.  There are also new pictures on the early Sheaffer TD, the Waterman C/F, and the Parker 88 pages.

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Maker: Sheaffer. Unlike the PFM, this pen\’s name is not an excursion into sexism; according to the company\’s ads, the letters stand for \”Vibrant, Fun, and Modern,\” which makes up for the lack of offensive chauvinism with raw silliness.  Brought into production in 2011, it is the latest effort by the company to appeal to …

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You wouldn\’t notice if I didn\’t mention it

Very slight updates to the main TWSBI page and the subsidiary Diamond page, and an even smaller one to the No Nonsense page (stainless steel model!). Coming soonish; a new page of various galleries.  There may even be a circus!

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