It’s getting damp in here.

That’s nothing to do with the proverbial April showers, but rather an increase of the Waterman content here.   There is a page for the Charleston and the L’Etalon, both of modern production.  This has also seen an updating of the family album.  There have also been some updates to the main Waterman page and a few of the models to slightly correct dates based on newly found primary sources; the wrongest of these was the Master, while two or three others were only about a year off.

In less watery news, there is a page for the Platinum #3776, the Pilot Custom 74and the Pilot Custom 742.  A veritable cloudburst of new pages!

There has also been a small amendment to the page for the TM Snorkels, which you probably won’t notice without me mentioning it– the picture for the Saratoga has been replaced with one which is in focus, to scale, and actually shows a good representative of the model, all of which are sort of desirable on a page which purports to describe the thing.  That’s another family album that gets an update, too.

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