A gain in Delta

This is not an announcement of a spacecraft maneuver, alas; my delta-vee remains as ever at zero.  However, the arrival into my hands of a Delta Fusion 82 called for the creation of a page for it, which moved me to get cooking on the long-fallow page for the company itself.  Why “long-fallow?”  Well, the only reason I had to get moving on it previously was the rather morally-troubling Indigenous Peoples line I had been studiously ignoring for several years after my first contact with it (yes, a bad joke; worse non-jokes await on that page).  There is also a page for their Isaac Newton, which came to me at about the same time as the Indigenous Peoples, and which got stuffed into the same box of don’t want to deal with that.  I’ve overcome my cowardice, so the site gains a bonanza of pages.  Four in one blow!

Also, there is a slight update to the Parker Duofold page to reflect my own acquisition of a really beat-up English Duofold AF, and a new picture on the Kaweco Sport page thanks to a brief encounter with an aluminum member of that breed.

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