A Couple of Numbers (and some pictures)

Since the last update, there’s only a couple of new pages, but they’re very… um… German? I have what is very nearly a profile page for the Pelikan 400, thanks to having briefly handled a Pelikan 520 , which is a 400 in a very fancy outfit.

Very close in time and space, but rather more of a mid-century modern, I’ve posted a page for the Lamy 27, the ur-Lamy, Romulus and Remus in one being… although, now that I’ve typed that, I think I may be overstating things just a little.

Apart from those two, I’ve got some new (or newly-uncovered, for I have been clearing out old files) photos available for gandering at:

  • A less-grainy American-spec Balance Lady Sheaffer;
  • The “Native American” example of Delta’s cringe-provoking Indigenous Peoples line;
  • An Apollo 11 commemorative Retro 51 Tornado (which keeps the number of standard versions of the pens on that page firmly at zero);
  • A rather nicely-preserved Snorkel Clipper set, which has a little something for you weirdos who want to look at ballpoints.


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