Strategic Withdrawal, Not Complete Rout

I have, you will find, taken in my pen-repair shingle. I go into the matter more fully in my blog, but since you’re here and not there, I will also reveal what I discovered is the reason for it– I went and grew myself a depression, and it has repaid me for my nurturing in much the same way that the scorpion rewarded the frog for bearing it across the river.

So we’re taking a break from the stress of handling other people’s delicate heirlooms. For a while. I’m sure once all the treatments (yay for Canadian healthcare and a compassionate employer) have had a chance to take effect, I’ll want to get back at reviving those heirlooms… but for now, it’s time to take it easy.

This does not mean I’m giving up here. There is a new page for the cheap yet functional Wing Sung 3013, which is the sort of thing which makes me cry out  “Semper aliquid novi Asiam adferre!”

Well. Maybe I mutter it under my breath. I don’t want to startle the cats.

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