A Note from Elba

Good heavens, it’s been a more than a year since I posted one of these updates! This is not to say that this site hasn’t seen new material in the intervening time, I’ve just been… delinquent in giving notice.

I blame the lingering tendrils of depression and the universal shadow of COVID.

So, what’s been happening here during the long absence?

Well, there’s new inks from both Namiki and TWSBI— the former new to me, the latter more generally “new”.

In pens, there’s a Flighter-alike addition to my clump of Wing Sung 601s. I finally got a Conklin Crescent Filler… and it’s younger than my own son.  I offer two demonstrations of my inability to track down much in the way of useful information about two new(ish) pen makers from China, PenBBS and Moonman, and some better-informed (by direct experience) pages about the PenBBS 487, which has a very clever filler, and the Moonman M2, which has none at all.

I remain unenthusiastic about pen repair, alas (even my own), so while I’m resuming communication, I am still enduring that self-imposed exile.

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