Good news, slightly good news, and that other sort.

I went a got a TWSBI Go, so there’s a new page up for that. This is the good news, as is the fact that someone has finally confirmed that the thing I have suspected of being a Waterman Jiffie is, in fact, one of those.

Slightly good news lies in the fact that I was able to briefly handle a TWSBI Diamond 580 AL, so I updated the page with both a picture and somewhat less behind-the-times words mid-page (some of the “slightly” stems from the horror of realizing how elderly that page had become).

The other sort… the world economy, and the way in which the demands of the capitalist system it rests upon force inflation into all things. I have not been required to update the prices of all current-production pens (yet), but I have been shoved by an up-tick in the cost of postage to institute very small increases in cost of repair services. None of us are happy about this, I’m sure.

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