Inexpensive Solids, Liquids of Various Value.

A couple of new pages up, for pens that almost anyone* could afford:  The Platinum Preppy and the Pilot Varsity.

Also appearing since the last update are a new page for Stipula inks (or rather, “ink” singular at the moment) and the addition of Grenade on the Jentle ink page, which I willingly throw myself upon.  I also put up an admission of intellectual laziness as a permanent reminder that this site is full of information, but it’s not necessarily an authority.


*You may, if you’re wondering “who can’t afford a Varsity?”, want to look into the activities of a local food bank; you’d be surprised at how many jobs most of the people who rely on those things are actually working.  I won’t do any more than whisper the words “homeless shelters”….

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