A Publication Two Years in the Making!

But first, a quick mention of recently added material right here:

  • The Sheaffer Pop has been added to the page for the Sheaffer Award… because there might be some minor differences, but I can’t shake the sense that it is just a renaming;
  • An extremely elderly No. 16 S.F. has been added to the gang of crocks on the Early Watermans page;
  • An entirely new page for the old version of the Pelikan Twist. Like the Pop/Award, you’ll find several other names for essentially the same pen there.

Now, what’s that title all about, then? I’m going to save myself a little typing, and quote material already posted on my writing blog:

Let me tell you a brief true story. In the fall of 2016, I had a story accepted by a long-running publication called AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review. This was within a fortnight of “The Third Act” being taken up by Trigger Warning, so as you can imagine I was absolutely overwhelmed by a sense of artistic achievement.

But the world does not like too much joy in it. Thus, some grudge-bearing (I assume) terrestrial tetrapod did the hacking equivalent of putting a shotgun to the back  of the head of AE‘s online facility. The site went down so soon after I sent back the edits that I thought I might have been to blame for it, and they weren’t able to even explain to the world what happened for weeks. That explanation was the beginning of a very long road to getting back online.

The return has been accomplished– a soft launch, at the moment, which I assume means “Sound the trumpets! Release the doves!” major official re-launch is in the near future… but I can’t wait for that because I’ve been waiting almost two years to say aloud that I have had a story published by AE!

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