Apparently the Mountain Will Come to Us

First, to address the previous news item here:

That is sufficient to get the hub happening, and hooray!  However, there is room for more, so if you are going to be within striking distance of here on 21 September and want to attend (and get free Pelikan stuff!), then go to this site and sign up.

To make slightly more sense of the headline, the real meat of this update is a new page on the Montblanc page (yes, Pelikan’s natural enemy, but I run a big tent), as I find myself the owner of a Montblanc 32.  This happens because that model wasn’t (very) expensive when it was new, and isn’t hugely sought after now, so the residue of a fiction sale could secure one for me.  Hooray, again.  This has also seen a small amendment to the mug shots sheet for the appropriate era.

Finally, I have made a small update to the page for the Sheaffer Tuckaway, to reflect an encounter with the Touchdown version of that tiny treat.  It provides, at very least, a direct comparison of the relative efficiencies of two of Sheaffer’s filling systems.

Did I say something about Conway-Stewarts in a recent update.  Um… well, that’s a mountain of research I have yet to successfully shift. Work continues.

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