Just ONE MORE thing…

This official notice of some updates on the site is, in the case of several of them, extremely tardy. I put this down to not only the usual real-life (shudder) demands on my time, but also the way things had been dribbling in at intervals.  So, since the last time I did anything with this, we have:

  • the startling Pelikan th.INK getting a page (includes editorial comment on the name);
  • some updating of prices for all the Pelikans in production after the year 2000;
  • a new face on the Pilot Elite page, which positively flaunts its high gold content point;
  • a new face entirely in the Pilot line-up, the possibly mis-named Short;
  • some additions to the ink samples of Herbin, and a new page of ink samples for the Edelstein sub-brand;
  • TWSBI’s recently-released Precision.

…all of which has lead to inflations of the a couple of Mug Shot  galleries as well as the inks by colour.

I’m still trying to figure out how to deal with a shark I’ve had for some time.  It’s unexpectedly tricky.

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