Sic Semper Taranis

Well, I appear to have undone the damage done by Jerk MacJerk of Clan MacCreep, but I’m still trying to sort out the damage done by the WordPress update it required.  For example, I’ve just noticed that what used to produce a different coloured background text box now doesn’t, so there are several pages with mysterious <important> instructions now appearing in the text.  I’m sure I’ll get it sorted eventually.

On a happier note, I have several fresh pen profiles up.  One is very fresh indeed, for the fresh out of the oven Lamy Aion.  The others are not quite so warm with the heat of their own creation, but all are definitely recent models; the retrospective Kaweco Student, the psst hey buddy do you want a cheap pen Wing Sung 3008, and the get it while you can Sheaffer Taranis.

The title of this entry is almost completely without meaning, by the way.  Just me playing with allusions.


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