Touched by a Jerk

If you are here to find out why the hell this site has been bugging you to buy stuff, I’ll say briefly: Some jerk got through my defenses and has been annoying people without my knowledge or consent.  I have a slightly more detailed version of this event over at my blog, if you are interested in a bit of a rant against that jerk and similar creatures.

A side effect of the jerk’s attentions it that there’s no way to contact me through this site at the moment.  I am working to correct that.  Part of the attempt at correction has left the place looking a little different than it had, which I am also working to correct, because at very least the Galleries are all askew.

If you’re not here out of anger, but for the usual reason of seeing what’s new: there’s now profiles for the Pilot Custom Heritage 92 and the TWSBI Classic.


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