A New Bird in Springtime (and some cleaning)

The Pelikan which I mentioned in the previous notice has arrived– it’s a Pelikan 25, the mysterious ur-cartridge pen (sort of) of my favorite* German company.  As a result, I’ve been able to run up a page for it and its fraternal twin, the 15.

Also new, thanks to a local source beginning to stock Pilot products, I’ve got a page for the Pilot Parallel, which may be on this site under false pretenses.  Read the profile, decide for yourself: is it REALLY a fountain pen?

I have also made a small poke at the giant backlog of photos I have for the site, and added… two.  They’re good ones, though!  There’s a very well-preserved Waterman 01852½V on that company’s page of Hard Rubber Pens, where I also fixed some errors of pricing information I’d made, and a handsome metal-derbied example of an Eversharp Skyline, both of which are there to be gandered at.

For those who enjoy comedy: I’ve only just noticed that it’s possible to apply LIKE and SHARE buttons to the pages here, after {mumble} years of working through this interface. If you’re a regular visitor, surprised at this sudden development… well, welcome to the club.

*over on my blog, I’ve begun to reveal my true inward feelings about some pen brands.  If you care about an even more subjective view of these things than I offer here, well, there you go.

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