Breaking the Long Silence

Arrivals since the last update, although some aren’t strictly speaking new anymore:

  • An update to the Parker Moderne page, with somewhat more information for the older version of the model (which, if I were slightly dishonest, I could expand to a page for the Duette Jr.).
  • An entirely new page for a slight variation on the Pelikans of the mid- to late 1960s, the M30.
  • A single new Sea Green Pearl photo in the early part of the Duofold page.
  • A new sub-page for a Sheaffer Balance from before the time they had names, the 74T.
  • A new sub-page for the Sheaffer “TRIUMPH”, the stem from which the whole line of Triumph pens developed and Sheaffer’s shot in the brief war of unnecessary quotation marks in pen names of the early 1940s.

This means there have also been amendments to various gallery pages, of course.

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