I Art But Human

A crowd of emails over the weekend has seen me re-working a couple of pages.  The less consequential is a note on an anonymous Italian pen indicating that it’s apt to remain anonymous.  The sender of the email concerning it offered an identification, based on one just like, but with an imprint… but the fact of the imprint makes it not quite the same thing.  Go read the page for illumination.

More dire is a raging mis-identification.  The page which once belonged to the Sheaffer TRZ has been remade thanks to information received into the Sheaffer Fashion.  My previous researches had suggested a lot more difference in the sections of the two models than necessarily existed, and I focused on this at the expense of other cues on the cap.  It turns out I have a Fashion, and since I don’t have a TRZ my own rules call for hauling down the old page, even if most of what it said was right and only the picture is an outright lie.  Thanks to Maja and Bill for putting me closer to right on this.

Anyone got a TRZ they want to lend?

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