Did Smokey Sing?

No matter; you can still hear about a Symphony, which was made by Wahl-Eversharp in the late 1940s.  I have also updated the pages for the Sheaffer Balance Admiral (better picture) and Imperial II (extra picture), Herbin inks (new entries) and Pelikan inks (ditto).

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Very Fiddly Mechanism?

Not at all!  There’s nothing inside the Sheaffer VFM, which I now have an example of.  There are also new pictures on the early Sheaffer TD, the Waterman C/F, and the Parker 88 pages.

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You wouldn’t notice if I didn’t mention it

Very slight updates to the main TWSBI page and the subsidiary Diamond page, and an even smaller one to the No Nonsense page (stainless steel model!).

Coming soonish; a new page of various galleries.  There may even be a circus!

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Noodle, Shop

The pen aspect of Noodler’s Ink has ben added to the maker’s pages.  Possibly of even more interest, I’ve actually posted some pens for sale in my Etsy storefront.

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Vector Mapping

An entry added for the Parker Vector, for those few who will care about such a mundane pen, and the threatened removal of the visitor map has, as you can (or can’t) see, been accomplished.  There are also slightly fewer incorrect links in the Mug Shot pages attached to the History Department.

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How about a date?

The ink update mentioned previously is complete, and I have attached to the Parker page the semi-obligatory date-code decoding page.  All the cool kids had one, and I felt left out.

Also, I propose a date of 11 December as the deadline to save the map you currently see to the right of this text.  I’ve worked out how to get Google Analytics to let me know where visitors are coming from, and since the trouble with getting GA to read this new site was the only reason I installed the thing, I’m leaning towards getting rid of it.  If you’ve got an interest in the map staying, let me know either here or at my blog.

{A small addendum; I’ve been informed of pricing information on Osmiroid pens I didn’t have previously, and have added it to the 65 and 75 pages}

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Ink Scan Improvement

I’ve learned a new trick with my scanner, which makes for slightly more true images of the inks. For the moment, this only appears on the Waterman page which I was using to test the new format (it had been lacking a sample until now anyway), but by Saturday morning the upgraded images will appear in all the ink profiles.

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Miniscule updates

Apart from the ongoing tidying of entries through basic proofreading and applying data to the measurement fields, I’ve added a couple of sub-pages under the Welcome heading, giving a small description of your genial host and a brief explanation of the site’s goofy name.

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We’re Open, Please Ignore the Sound of Saws

Since you’re on the site, you know it’s up and running in its new form, so that’s not news.  What IS news is that I’ve learned how to swap out this bloggish entries-based page for a more congenial front page.  This site came visible on 20 November, so this is not too far from being the actual opening announcement.  This is the place where I’ll announce major updates and such, so if you’re going to subscribe to anything here, this is it.

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