The Long, The Short, and the French

Since the last update, I’ve had a chance to look into Japan of the previous generation.  From the era of the The Great Japanese Pocket Drought (when pockets were withered, stunted, and shallow), there’s two new pens of the “pocket” type, the Platinum PKB-2000 and the Sailor 102 (although I’m not absolutely certain that is it’s name).  From the end of that tragic and completely made-up chapter of Japan’s history comes the Murex, which is notable not only for being a normally-proportioned pen but also for having an integral point.

On the subject of points, there has been an expansion to the Point chapter in the Anatomy section, examining the distinction between firm and floppy points.

Finally, not wanting to be accused of going all posh with those high quality Japanese pens, I’ve got a page posted for some of Waterman’s cheapest pens; Jifs and Jiffies.

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