Signs and other obscure traces

Recent additions, in order of the effort involved:

I finally got out of my head that basing an ink review on a cartridge version of an ink was wrong, with the result that I now have a page under the ink profiles for Platinum containing a whole two inks.  There has also been another addition to the Diamine page.

The page for the Sheaffer Junior has been updated, with slightly better dates and a little more actual information about the model, and a picture of the PFM III has been added to the page for that set of models.

Parker gets a new page about the Jack Knife Safety Pen, which is, curiously, not actually a pen.

Pelikan had two new pages; the Signum, a short-lived model from the worst time history has yet offered for fountain pens, and the P1, which as Pelikan pens go is both oddly shaped and strangely named.

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