Whose Idea Was This?

Two new pages, for pens whose existence I find slightly perplexing.  For Parker, I have the 95, which seems to have been developed to compete with the contemporary Parker 88, and for Sheaffer there’s the Sentinel whose point seems mainly to undermine sales of the contemporary Sheaffer Fashion.  These are all from the late 1980s; perhaps cannibalism was the done thing in the pen world then.

A foolish idea I can call my own is the addition in the Repair Department of a brief explanation of how to turn a cartridge pen into an eyedropper-filler.  This is foolish in as much as there’s nothing like enough pictures, and because the consequence of not getting the job right is ink everywhere.  Well… everywhere at someone else’s house.

I’ve also added some pictures to the original run of the Parker Duofold and have a new pattern to show in the Wahl metal pen.

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