A Shameful Admission

I have been extemporizing on the publishing of a page for the Sheaffer Imperial VIII.  No, that’s not the admission.  The reason for the delay is that I was trying to discover what they cost, and within minutes of confirming that data (a photo of an original price sticker!), I published.  However, that confirmation has proved to me that I fell on the wrong side of the fence when choosing between two conflicting sources regarding the original cost of the Imperial VI; the one I had gone with is generally right, but since it indicated that it cost as much as the Imperial VIII, I had to accept that it and thus I was wrong.  The error has been expunged, and I apologize to anyone who has used me to settle an argument about what a pen cost in the early 1960s… for all that arguments like that occur.  It’s important to me, so I assume someone else will be concerned about it, too.

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