Spring Cleaning

I suddenly find I have a lot updates to make.  Until I get a better grip on Conway-Stewarts both old and new, though, let’s be content with the following:

  • In my very own hands, there’s a green shadow-wave sub-deb Vacumatic which allows a small expansion of that brimming page.
  • The same dear friend also gave me an Esterbrook “Transitional” J which I very nearly decided should get its very own page, but in the end just lodged it on the existing page for the J Series.
  • A client sent along a Sheaffer Balance to be refitted for service, and I discover it’s a 5-30 model— not an old example of that particular kind, but old enough to predate the introduction of names to the Balance line.
  • I also found myself looking into the guts of someone else’s Esterbrook Deluxe SM, which is different enough from the J Series to get its own page.


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