The Patient is Ambulatory

Things are mostly back to where they should be here, which the absence of The Apocalypse Announcement on the opening page probably tipped you off to.  I still have to go through the news posts like this one and eliminate a quantity of mysteriously-appeared back-slashes (and the link-breaking they bring with them) but since all that is dated and of little interest to anyone now, I’m content to say we’re fixed (enough) and ready for people to look at again.  There’s also the matter of absolutely every header image having vanished from each page, but… trivial from the user’s perspective (I hope) and proving to be a real bear to sort out from my side of the fence.

Of course, if you find a page that isn’t working, please do nip over to the Contact page and let me know.  There’s a LOT of pages here, and I might well miss something.

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