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Maker: Parker

This is the second pen to be known as the 15, the previous one being a much earlier black hard rubber effort.  The initial few years of its existence were limited to French production, where it appeared with a pierce-work clip and went by the name \”Mixy\”.  It is also associated Parker\’s Jotter, and will occasionally appear under that name; I forebear using that name here to avoid this pen being mistaken for the button-actuated ballpoint which Parker has been making since 1954.  While never intended as anything grander than a student pen (although a more generally appealing one than the 25), it doesn\’t want for anything in looks nor performance.  It is, however, somewhat on the small side, so people with large hands may find it unappealing.

Production Run: 1979 – 2000 (or so; apparently it was available for a while longer, but it\’s hard to pin down).

Cost when new: Initially $7.50 (for modern value, try this calculator); I don\’t have price lists for the full run, but I expect it stayed at about that value throughout.

Size: 12.1 cm long capped, 13.8 cm posted, 11.2 cm capless (the Mixy I have is about 0.2 cm longer in the barrel).

Point: Steel, some models gold plated.

Body: Metal; steel and brass.

Filler: Cartridge, capacity approx. 1.2 ml.  Some more slender Parker converters will fit.

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