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Lady Sheaffer

Maker: Sheaffer.

This page refers to the Balance model using this name.

The Lady Sheaffer was the low end of the Lifetime pens; it shared a price point with the very slightly longer Sovereign, and both were slender models.  It bears a white dot and the point is marked LIFETIME and has a two-tone mask.  It is, in essence, an upgraded Miss Universe.

Production Run: 1938 – 1942 (this model changed substantially in the Triumph era).

Cost When New: $8.75 (for modern value, try this calculator).

Size: 12.3cm long capped, 14.6cm posted, 10.7cm uncapped.

Point: 14k gold with platinum mask.

Body: Celluloid.

FillerLever, capacity approx. 0.8ml or vacuum filler, capacity approx. 1.3 ml .

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