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The comments I might make about this pen are generally the same as those for the Vishal; the vent holes are somewhat for show and slightly counterproductive.  It is made of an extremely decorative acrylic rather than the Vishal\’s hard rubber, which gives it a slightly different feel, and altogether different smell, and likely better durability (not, to date, that I\’ve tested it).  The model name is sanskrit for \”gem\”– quite appropriate.

Production Run: Uncertain of start– certainly in production in the first decade of the 21st century.

Cost When New: $24.00 is what I paid in 2008, which is certainly a great deal more than the non-exported price, but still a relative bargain.

Size: 13.2 cm long capped, 15.4 cm posted, 11.8 cm uncapped.

Point: Plated steel (in 2011, the importer\’s site showed a 14k gold upgrade available, but it\’s possible that was more in the line of an after-market point).

Body: Acrylic.

Filler: Eyedropper, capacity approx. 2.6 ml.




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