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By what I\’m sure is a bit of convoluted corporate backstory similar to that which produced the Mister Sparkle Fishbulb, one finds that Camel inks are made by a company called Camlin.  My experience with these inks is a result of a getting a lot of second-hand inks in an online auction, so I don\’t know quite where one might look for them outside of India, their country of origin.  This is a bit of a shame, as my limited experience suggests a line of extremely inexpensive inks with reasonably good writing properties.

Examples (note– I’ve not calibrated my scanner, so these are mere approximations of the true colour):


Scarlet Red: it\’s an inexpensive ink, and so very unsaturated.  This sees it incline towards a slightly salmon tone, but it\’s not a terrible red.  The lack of saturation makes it a little less given to clogging pens than most reds.



Royal Blue: an excellent medium blue which does not seem inclined to fade.

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