Ravens March: A Place for Old Pens and Odd Books

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The Study of Fountain Pens

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The Study of Books
(just a brief look at a repair at the moment)

Welcome to my website of archaisms!  Here you will find some instruction for maintaining the data storage systems of the pre-electronic era, the book and the fountain pen.  This page is currently little more than a re-direct to the current update of the site.

Ravens March is located, in as much as it has a physical existance, in Regina, in the province of Saskatchewan, which is the trapezoidal bit slightly west of centre on the maps of Canada.  But it's really a web-based entity, so the best way to visit is the one you're using now.

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To assist search engines find this place, some extra text-- if you're reading this and have a pulse, feel free to ignore it.
Ravens March Pen and Book Emporium contains Vintage Pen Sales and VIntage Pen Repair.  That is to say, Vintage Fountain Pen repairs, and Vintage Fountain Pens for sale.
There are also Hand-Bound Books,   Hand-Bound Journals, and instructions for making Hand-Bound Books and Hand Bound Journals.
All of these activities take place in Regina, capital city of Saskatchewan, a province of Canada.  A proudly Canadian site, run by a guy in Regina, Sask., specializing in Old Pens and Hand Made Books.  Go Figure!als.