At Ease

An uncommon mid-week update, as I finally get the picture I needed in place for my page on the Sheaffer Agio.  Italian-speakers will, if online translators are to be trusted, follow the title of this blurb….

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Peter Pan and the Lost… Boys?

I\’m not sure of the gender of fountain pens… I think they\’re masculine in German and French (and so, by extension, in Latin).  In any event, I\’ve got some new pictures of a wrinkly Waterman Super Master, an all-metal Sheaffer Thin Model, and a blue Junior Vacumatic, which is a relatively mottly bunch to accompany the new page for the infinitesimal Peter Pan pen (there\’s also a page for the guys that made it, which includes some gunplay!).

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A sudden (relative) deluge of pens from makers I had not previously examined has produced a delayed-effect flash flood of content.  The makers are the American John Holland Gold Pen Company, and Germans Merlin, A.W. Faber-Castell, and the latter’s sometime-subsidiary Osmia.  This puts some new pen pages into the world as well, respectively, the Fount-Filler, Merlin 33, LOOM (yes, all caps), and Osmia 64.  I’ve also added a new sample to the Waterman ink page, as a friend has donated a bottle of blue ink from the time that company was still doing its thing in the US.

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There is a new page for the Waterman Maestro (the genesis of this entry’s title, which is apt to be comprehended only by serious Bugs Bunny fans), and those who crave novelty will also find a couple of fresh pictures; a burgundy Sheaffer Admiral and a Lamy Vista.

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Holiday Snaps

A few new pictures have arisen during my summer holiday:

  • Dissections, lesser and greater, of TWSBI’s Diamond and Vac 700;
  • Some directions on the use of the slightly mysterious Write-On System in the Rotring Core;
  • Yet another portrait of a Vacumatic Major, showing the golden pearl option.

Not much news, but I am, after all, on vacation.  There are some new pens to catalogue that will appear… soon.  Presently.  Gosh, look how blue the sky is….

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Now open: Consumer Info Line

In the Portrait Galleries, you will now find some items under the heading of “Consumer information Department”.  The initial entries are suggestions for a first-ever fountain pen, and for pens suitable to start the kids on.  They’re similar in notion, but rather different in thrust, as the former is aimed at an adult taking an informed decision, while the latter is to help a parent who may or may not have a fountain pen already.

On other news, I’m about three measurements away from doing away with the X, Y and Z place-holders where numbers should appear.  As those measurements are on pens that are either in bits or in hiding (a state that troubles me deeply), there may be a bit of a hiatus before full completion.

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Art and Crafts

A new page is added now for the Rotring ArtPen (yes, that’s how it’s spelled).  There are also amendments to the Services menu; the lesser is a bit of a clarification on the subject of repairs to Parker “51”s, which are definitely something I do, but it is the greater is an addition of an entirely new field of offering.  After what I’ve finally decided is a sufficient amount of practice, I’m willing to admit that I can do non-major adjustment to nibs; realignment, smoothing, and general returning to original shape if only slightly mangled.  Major adjustment (resizing, conversion to italic, serious mangle redressing) is still in the future.

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Not to be confused with a Vanishing Point

Another new page, for the Parker VP— a pen that comes as close as just about any of my collection to earning the title “rare”.  When visiting pen-fancier fora, one frequently sees these letters as a short-hand for the modern Pilot product, but Parker was in first.

In other news: the back-filling of measurements continues to schedule, and may well lead to a slight re-writing of the Welcome page when it’s done.

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A Look into the Future

I don’t claim to be a prognosticator of any real power, but I do have a couple of glimpses into the future.  One of them is capitalized, as I have a page ready for the Pelikan Future, but the other is slightly more general.  I’ve had a look at the measurements in the pen profiles, and discover an embarrassing number still have things like “X ml” in place.  The near future sees that corrected, as I’ve written down (using a my Lamy 2000, for those who are curious) where the gaps are, and am systematically applying myself to making the measurements.  I’ve already dealt with about a third of the problem, and by this time next week there should be actual numbers in place of any of the placeholders that have been floating around here for far too long.

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Since a lot of people’s thoughts turn to motorcycles when winter’s icy grip departs (at least, where winter can be said to have an icy grip), I suppose it’s appropriate that I get in a page for one of Waterman’s odd Harley-Davidson cross-market exercises while spring is still in the air.

The ongoing Waterman gusher continues with the appearance of the Préface as well.

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