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Maker: Wality.

The 77 is very similar in nature to the popular-grade pens from China.  It is like the other Wality pens I have in its function and interior parts; rather than a Parker-like complication under the hood, it has a very simple old-school point and feed held in place by a simple plastic collar.  It\’s a good enough pen that I don\’t regret having given it as a gift on more than one occasion, but it\’s not a marvellous pen– if you don\’t have one, don\’t feel that you must seek one out to make your life complete.

Production Run: Production appears to have ended before 2010.

Cost When New:  I bought them for $5.99 each in 2007

Point: Plated steel, hooded.

Body: Plastic.

Filler: Piston, capacity of which I never checked on.

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